Natural Cleansing Oil

Let’s start 2024 cleaning our faces naturally. Here we are sharing a simple and yet highly effective Natural Cleansing Oil.

jojoba oil to cleanse the face

28 grams (28 ml) of jojoba oil
3 to 6 drops of essential oil (lavender or lemongrass)

Skin type:

All skin types

Use before: 3-5 months


Avoid exposing the oil to direct sunlight to prevent spoilage


  1. Prepare the Container
    Use a clean, dry glass spray bottle or dropper top. Ensure the bottle is completely dry to prevent moisture in the oil
    Label the container with ingredients and date
  2. Combine the Oils. Fill the bottle with jojoba oil and add 3 to 6 drops of essential oil. Properly stored oils can last longer

How to use it?
Spray on dry skin even if you have makeup on, four to five pumps of cleanser into your palm (about a half to a full teaspoon), then massage away the oil onto your face. Gently work over your eyes to remove makeup. Use this cleanser at night only. It is recommended to spray a toner onto a cotton pad as a second cleanser.

natural makeup remover and night cleanser

Enjoy the benefits of natural products!