About Us

I am an innovative and multifaceted teenager who loves nature and cares deeply about animals. I decided to be a vegetarian at the age of 5 and am convinced that through small changes and individual effort and actions, we can build a beautiful, united society. I believe that entrepreneurship is a generator of great opportunities, and have been part of several ventures pursuing this belief. One such venture was “La Cosecha” which was immensely rewarding in that we were frst place winners in the Entrepreneurship Contest “Without Borders” organized by the Cris Fe Foundation; but even more importantly, was an adventure I shared with my family.
I am a full-time mom to two amazing boys and a devoted wife who decided to stop working many years ago to chase my dreams. Now I dedicate my time to the best project of my life: Being a Mother. I love to inspire other women and be an example that it is possible to fulfill the biggest dreams of the heart; through hard work and unshakable self-belief, I know that anything is possible. I am a Cosmetologist developing Spring Creations and am currently writing my frst book and I’m so very excited to share my journey with you!.
I am a mother of 3 wonderful children, wife and life partner of Alexander; they are my daily inspiration. I am an entrepreneur and a very passionate woman with the vision of creating a legacy that leaves a positive print on my community.
My husband and I created “La Cosecha,” a venture that resulted in much success for us as we were able to work as a family while at the same time strengthen the networking of several entrepreneurs. In 2021, we participated in the Entrepreneurship Contest “Without Borders” organized by the Cris Fe Foundation, obtaining frst place.

We are the creators of Springs Creations, a brand of natural skin care we designed and developed to enhance natural beauty, good health and sustainability on our planet. We absolutely love these products and we know you will too!!

Our Story

Welcome to Spring Creations!

Let us introduce you our business.

We are Isa, Sara and Pamela, Ecuadorian women and entrepreneurs who are inspired and deeply connected to nature.

We are the Spring’s creators.

While looking for natural skin care products we tried many different brands, but none of them met our expectations.

We started studying the benefits of natural products, and their potential. Through our studies, we became increasingly confident about the idea of developing our own products.

After many tests and different combinations, we decided to make magic in our own kitchen by mixing organic natural ingredients, and transforming them into pure nutrition for the skin.

We are honored to share the best of our knowledge and experience, delicately transformed into creams and serums for your face and body.

Our Mission

We are committed to inspire and provide families around the world with access to our highest quality organic lifestyle products that are rich in nutrition for the skin.

Our Vision

Spring as a Natural Skin Care School to engage people to see beauty as a daily habit with our natural products.